New Parent Information Quick Guide

School Day  

* Kindergarten-5th grade Hours: 7:50 am - 3:05 pm

* Pre-K Hours: 7:50 am - 2:15 pm

* Students should not be dropped off earlier than 7:30 am

* Until 7:40, students will be monitored in the cafeteria

* At 7:40, students will be allowed to go to the hall outside their classroom

* They will be allowed into the classroom at 7:45, the tardy bell rings at 7:50


* All students are expected to be in attendance and on time every day

* Not only does regular attendance help your child stay current with their work, but the school also receives our funding based on our attendance.

* Attendance is taken at 10:00 am

* If you have an appointment, please arrive before 10:00 am or leave after 10:00 am if possible


* Students may bring their lunch or purchase their lunch in the cafeteria

* If students need free or reduced lunch, a form will be sent home to apply

* Parents may visit their child during lunch and eat in the cafeteria 

* Only persons listed on the emergency contacts will be permitted to eat lunch with the student

* Bring your ID to school any time you plan to visit

* It is encouraged that parents wait until at least the end of the first week to come to eat lunch with their child, so that the student can adjust to the new routine

* Parents are permitted to bring their child lunch or purchase a lunch from the cafeteria

* Parents may not sit at their child’s table with their class during lunch

* Tables are available at the back of the cafeteria for the student and parent to eat

* Parents may not return to the classroom with their child following lunch             

* Money may be added to the student’s account either in the cafeteria in the morning or via the FWISD website using their student ID (will receive the first week of school)

Enrollment Packet Procedures

* Parents may register online and bring printed and signed copies to school OR

* Parents may fill out the registration packet provided

* All bus forms need to be completed prior to the first day of school


* Teachers will inquire about the child’s transportation home

* If a different form of transportation will be used, parents must notify the school or teacher in writing or electronically prior to the alternate transportation

* Buses drop off in front of the school in the morning

* In the afternoon, students will be escorted by Safety Patrol and teachers to the back parking lot to load the buses

* Handicapped or special needs buses load in the front of the school in the afternoon

Building Security

* All students and visitors must enter the front of the building

* The front doors lock automatically at 7:50 am

* All perimeter doors are locked and some have badge access for employees

* Bring your ID any time you plan to visit the school for lunch, volunteer, etc.

* Visitors (parents) must enter and exit the front doors at all times

* When approaching the school, press the buzzer to the left of the front door for access

* Once granted access, wait for the door to click and pull the far left door open

* After entering the building, you must go to the office to check in before going anywhere in the building

* Once checked in, visitors receive a badge that must be worn for the duration of the visit, regardless of visit reason (lunch, volunteer, conference)

* Students and teachers are not allowed to open the doors for anyone, even their parents

* Parents may not access any other buildings or areas of the school without first checking in at the office


* All students receive a 30-minute recess

Specials, Kindergarten through 5th grade

* Students alternate between specials, every other day going to Art/PE or Music/PE

* The following week, the rotations will switch

Lost and Found

* There is a lost and found located on the wall above the steps by the library

* Label all jackets, coats, backpacks and lunch boxes


* The library is open beginning at 7:40 in the morning for students to take AR tests and select a book

* The library is open after school on Tuesday and Thursday until 3:30

* If you would like your child to be able to check out more than one book at a time, please see Ms. Rick in the library


* No early dismissals after 2:30 pm

* Your child cannot be dismissed to anyone except those persons listed as your emergency contacts and the parents (following any restrictions provided)

* In order to check your child out for early dismissal you must bring your ID

* Students going to daycare will be held in the auditorium until their daycare transportation arrives

* Students going to the YMCA will be sent to the cafeteria

* Bus students will be escorted to the buses by safety patrol and teachers

* Carpool students dismiss from the front of the building

* Kindergarten and first grade will be under the awning

* Second grade will be to the right as you approach the school (around the flagpole and tree)

* Third grade will be at the end of the building by the exit of the third grade hall

* Fourth and fifth grades will be on the rock covered area to the left of the entrance

* Please do not take your child until your teacher sees you or you notify him/her


* There is a parking lot for visitors in the back of the school, entrance off of Angus

* There is a teacher-only parking lot beside the building, entrance off of Angus

*  DO NOT park in residence driveways

* DO NOT BLOCK driveways

* Parallel parking is available on the streets around the school

* Cumberland and Stonedale (from Cumberland to Tamworth) are one way from 7:30-9am and 2-4 pm

* Do not park on the school side of Cumberland until after 8 am and carpool drop off is finished. Do not park on the school side of Cumberland past carpool until after 8 am. All cars parked on the school side of Cumberland must be moved before 2 pm

* Do not park at the park when visiting the school. Tickets have been written.

* DO NOT JAYWALK after parking. Use only designated crosswalks at the intersections and the one in the middle of the street in front of the school

* On high visitor days (first day of school, Walkathon, Fine Arts Day, Pajama Reading day, Party days, Field day, awards ceremonies) allow extra time for parking. Sometimes parking can extend 2-3 blocks.


* The new, 2nd morning drop-off location in the staff parking lot is open for drop-off at 7:30 am. Students who are dropped off before 7:30 am will need to follow the normal routine of being dropped off at the front of the school.

* After 7:30 am, parents will have two options for drop-off. A staff member will be located at the corner of Angus and Cumberland to direct the flow of traffic.

  • Cumberland Road – This is the regular morning drop-off location.
  • Staff parking lot off Angus – At this new morning drop-off location, students will be        dropped off and directed through the playground gate to enter through the library. This is for students only. Parents who walk their children to class will still be required to enter through the front door.

* If you are directed to drop-off in the parking lot, you will not be able to turn back to Cumberland off of Angus after you have dropped your child off. Please continue down Angus. This will help with congestion at the corner of Stonedale and Cumberland.

* Please DO NOT park on Angus during carpool. We need to keep Angus free of parked cars to help with the two-way traffic flow.

* The back parking lot drop-off ends at 7:50 am, as staff members must report to classroom duties. After 7:50 am, please follow normal procedures to drop-off at the front of the school. As a reminder, students are tardy if they report to class after 7:50 a.m.

* To see a map that describes the flow of traffic, please click here.


* PAY attention at all times. We have many students that walk.

* Angus is a two-way street, meaning that during carpool times there is oncoming traffic exiting the school

* In the morning, carpool will be flowing for the most part, DO NOT PASS carpool on Angus

* If you are parking, once you turn onto Cumberland, you may bypass carpool to park

* Cumberland is a one-way street from 7-9 am and 2-4 pm

* At morning drop-off, the buses unload in the front. Until all buses have unloaded, there will be a sign to stop in front of the awning. Stop there and unload. Once the buses have all arrived, the sign will be moved and you will pull forward as directed.

* In the morning during drop off, PULL FORWARD as directed by safety patrol, EVEN IF it is past the awning. If you are the front car, you will pull forward to the end of the carpool lane and your child will walk back to the front doors. Safety Patrol will help direct any children that need it.

* DO NOT EXIT your car if you are carpooling. 

* When exiting the carpool lane in the morning or bypassing carpool to park, DO NOT pass the buses if their lights are flashing red and the stop sign is out. They are unloading. It is a traffic offense to pass a bus with red lights flashing while unloading.

* In the afternoon, carpool will begin to line up between 2:40 and 2:45.

* If you see a line of cars stopped along Angus and Chickering, that is the carpool line. If you are carpooling, do not pass them, get into the line

* As long as carpool has not started moving, you may pass them if you are not carpooling

* If you are waiting on carpool to start and are lined up on Angus, pull close to the curb

* While waiting in carpool line, do not block driveways. 

* Once carpool starts (around 3:00), you may not pass them even if they momentarily stopped. Cars will move up 5-6 at a time to load

* When it is your turn to turn onto Cumberland, do not turn until you can fully pull onto Cumberland. Do not block the oncoming traffic on Angus as you wait to turn onto Cumberland

* Once you turn onto Angus for carpool, a school staff member with a radio will come to your car. Tell them your child’s and teacher’s name. Some parents make a sign for the passenger window with their child’s name and teacher.

* You will be directed by Safety Patrol to pull forward once you approach the school. Even if you see your child beside your car, PULL ALL THE WAY FORWARD until directed to stop by safety patrol. Your child will come to your car. This allows safety patrol to work efficiently in loading as many cars as the area can hold. 

* DO NOT block the crosswalk when you stop. Students and parents cross when cars are stopped for loading/unloading.

* Your child must load and unload from the passenger side. Even if they sit on the driver’s side, they will load and unload from the passenger side. If you have multiple children, they will all need to exit the passenger side of the vehicle for safety reasons.

* DO NOT exit your vehicle in the carpool line.

* If the wrong child comes to your car, politely let safety patrol know that is not your child. If it takes a few minutes to get your child, you may be directed to pull forward, as the cars in front of you have exited. Pull   forward and they will get your child to you. 

Examples of times when you should not carpool

* Your child has a project or other items that they cannot physically unload or carry themselves

* Your child cannot unbuckle or buckle themselves into the seat belt/booster seat

* Your child takes excessive coaxing to get out of the car